Birth Month Flowers: An embroidery collection

The Birth Month Flowers Collection

For the 2023 Embroidery of the Month, we decided to do a series of Birth Month Flowers! Each flower is released in it's correlating month (January Carnation in January, for example). All twelve patterns will have the same format and feel, making it a great series to do a quilt or other project with the collection.

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African violet embroidered with purple flowers and green leaves

February Violet

Violet is the birth flower for the month of February and we chose to use the African Violet. This flower typically has large, heart-shaped leaves with purple flowers. Enjoy stitching this fun design for yourself or gift it to a friend who was born in February (or who loves African violets)! Click here to learn more about the February Violet pattern.

February Violet finished embroidery laid on table with letters F.E.B. under it and a pair of purple scissors
hands stitching February Violet embroidery pattern
Close up of a violet leaf in light green.
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January Carnation

Our first pattern is January Carnation. The carnation is a sweet flower with dainty petals often found in a rainbow of colors. This design is fun to stitch for yourself or to gift for a friend who was born in January, or loves carnations! Click here to learn more about the January Carnation pattern.

January Carnation - January birth month flower embroidery finished
Hand stitching January Carntion embroidery in hoop
Pink carnation flower embroidered
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Want to add the month or flower names?

If you're making your birth month flowers into a larger project, or just want to add the month and flower name to your embroidery, we've got your covered!  The Months and Flowers Text with 3 Fonts - PDF pattern includes text for all 12 months and all 12 flowers, in three different font styles - cursive, straight line, and a fun, funky font. Just add the text to your embroidery pattern, stitch, and enjoy! Click here to pick up the PDF pattern today.

 Birth month name and flower text in 3 different fonts


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Stitch all of the Birth Month Flowers in 2023! All 12 patterns will be similar in format and feel, making this the perfect collection to display together, or make into a quilt or other project. Plus, when you purchase the embroidery kit during the month of the release, you'll receive that month's new magnet for free!. 

The Embroidery of the Month is about practicing your stitching and making something cute with the Penguin & Fish Family.

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blue carnation flower embroidered with a purple stem

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