October Embroidery of the Month

Learn to stitch with a new embroidery each month.

Are you ready for some happy mail? Get a surprise Penguin & Fish embroidery delivered to your door every month. On the first day of each month we reveal a new embroidery design that's available only during that month. Plus, stitch up your embroidery along with Alyssa during the "Craft Night with Friends" live stream.

Practice your stitching and make something cute!

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October 2021 Embroidery of the Month: Autumn Sparkle

Autumn Sparkle embroidery kit

Autumn Sparkle embroidery kit

Embroidery of the Month Kit


Autumn Sparkle fabric only

Embroidery of the Month Fabric Only


Autumn Sparkle PDF pattern

Embroidery of the Month PDF pattern


Pick what's right for you.

Choose between the Embroidery of the Month Kit, Fabric Only, and PDF digital pattern.

The Embroidery Kit comes with everything you need to start stitching, including a pre-printed piece of fabric (no transferring necessary!) in a pretty package. Gift it to yourself or a friend.

The Fabric Only includes pre-printed fabric, stitch and color guide, and our Embroidery Guide. Perfect if you have oodles of supplies.

The PDF digital pattern is there when you want to get stitching right away. Easily access it on penguinandfish.com in your Digital Library.

Embroidery of the Month kit

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How does the Subscription work?

When you subscribe, we process your card right away for the current month and you'll be shipped the current month's design. You'll then be charged on the 1st of every month after that, the same day the new month's design is released.

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Autumn Sparkle embroidery kit

LIVE Stitch Along!

Each month, the Penguin & Fish family comes together to stitch the current Embroidery of the Month Live with Alyssa, owner of Penguin & Fish. Stitching the Embroidery of the Month takes place during the 3rd full week of each month (Monday-Friday), from 8:30-9:30 pm Central Time on Youtube and Facebook.

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