Welcome to Craft Night with Friends, a crafty Livestream with Alyssa Thomas, owner of Penguin & Fish.

Livestream Schedule

Monday - Friday 

8:30 - 9:30 pm Central Time

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What is Craft Night with Friends? 

Craft Night with Friends is a Livestream that provides crafters from all around the world an opportunity to relax and craft together. Follow along as Alyssa walks through the project of the week or do your own thing. (Heck, some people come to hang out while they fold laundry.) Meet and chat with new crafty friends or just hang out to listen and learn. 

These livestreams are a great opportunity to ask questions! Can't figure out that embroidery stitch? Need help making a half square triangle? Pop a question in the chat box during the Live and Alyssa will do her best to answer your question in real time. And if she doesn't see it, chances are a crafty friend will respond.

Want to try a new craft all together? This is a great opportunity to make a pattern or craft suggestion! Alyssa has been known to pick up new crafts, or even adjust her current designs in real-time with the suggestion of the crafty family. 


Where To Watch


If you're on Facebook, navigate to the Penguin & Fish Facebook page at the time of the Live to find the video.

If you'd like to be notified when I'm on, first "Like" the Penguin & Fish Facebook page, then, go to "Following Settings" on the Penguin & Fish page and select "Live Video." Be sure the "All Notifications" option is selected. You will now receive a notification on Facebook when I am LIVE.


If you're joining on YouTube, navigate to the Penguin & Fish YouTube channel at the time of the Live to find the video.

If you'd like to be notified when I'm on, be sure you "Subscribe" to the Penguin & Fish YouTube page, then click the little bell by the Subscribe button and select the "All" option.



If you're joining on TikTok, navigate to the Penguin & Fish TikTok profile at the time of the Live video. Then, click my profile image to join. Be sure to Follow for more crafty tips and videos!