July Water Lily Embroidery Pattern

Making the July Water Lily

The July birth flower is the water lily! Water lilies, sometimes called pond lilies, are a bright, beautiful sight to see on the water. Stitch this design for yourself or gift it to a friend who was born in July! The July Water Lily is great for beginner and seasoned crafters alike.

Finished July Water Lily embroidery pattern with letters J.U.L

Stitches in the July Water Lily pattern

The biggest part of the July Water Lily is the main lily flower, which is primarily stitched with the backstitch. Adding two different colors of pink gives this flower the depth and dimension of a wide-open bloom! 

The lily pads around the water lily are stitched with stem stitch. This stitch works great to show movement and fluidity in a pattern. The lily pads look like they are floating on the water! 

Close up of the water lily pattern

The center of the water lily has several French knots in Bumblebee yellow, adding that perfect finishing touch. If you struggle with the French knot, be sure to check out this blog for our helpful tips! Lastly, we outlined this piece with a chain stitch in Scuba Dive blue, making the whole thing pop!

To learn more about each of the stitches we used, including step-by-step tutorials with pictures, written instructions, and video, check out the embroidery stitches blog.

Close up of water lily middle with French knots

Finished July Water Lily embroidery pattern square

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July Water Lily PDF Pattern

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The Birth Month Flowers Collection

For the 2023 Embroidery of the Month, we decided to do a series of Birth Month Flowers! Each flower is released in its correlating month (January Carnation in January, for example). All twelve patterns will have the same format and feel, making it a great series to do a quilt or other project with the collection.

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Hand stitching the July Water lily with blue embroidery floss

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January Carnation finished embroidery pattern

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