April Daisy Embroidery Pattern

Making of the April Daisy

The April birth flower is the daisy! Daisies can be found just about everywhere in the world and offer a bright, Springtime touch to any yard, bouquet, or embroidery hoop. Stitch this design for yourself or gift it to a friend who was born in April! The April Daisy is great for beginner and seasoned crafters alike.

April Daisy embroidery finished with letters APR next to it.

Stitches in the Daisy pattern

There's a lot of texture-stitches in the April Daisy pattern, but the featured stitch is definitely the satin stitch. All of the flower petals are filled in with this stitch, giving it that satiny look and texture. The centers of each flower are then filled in with French knots in two different colors to add depth. 

close up of the daisy with french knot center

After stitching the petals and buds, we add stems and leaves with a mixture of the stem stitch for the stems and a single chain stitch for the leaves. For the smaller bits of stem behind the flower, we simply started and stopped each time. Finally, this whole intricate and beautiful piece is outlined with a basic backstitch in yellow. 

To learn more about each of the stitches we used, including step-by-step tutorials with pictures, written instructions, and video, check out the embroidery stitches blog.

close up of satin stitch daisies

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The Birth Month Flowers Collection

For the 2023 Embroidery of the Month, we decided to do a series of Birth Month Flowers! Each flower is released in its correlating month (January Carnation in January, for example). All twelve patterns will have the same format and feel, making it a great series to do a quilt or other project with the collection.

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Hand stitching the Aprily Daisy embroidery pattern

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