Satin stitch - embroidery how-to, quick video, and step by step guide

What is the satin stitch and how do I use it?

The satin stitch is a series of straight stitches placed next to each other. It is used as an embroidery fill stitch for small shapes on an embroidery project and gives a silky, satin look to the piece. For even more dimension, try adding a seed stitch underneath or test out the long and short stitch if you'd like to shade to a different color within the same shape. In the Stitching Raccoon Sampler, the satin stitch is used for the mushrooms along the edge of the tree stump.

Satin stitch in the Stitching Raccoon Sampler

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Satin stitch diagram

Below is what a typical diagram for the satin stitch may look like in an embroidery pattern or on other how-to pages. 

Satin stitch diagram

See the satin stitch in action

Follow along with this quick video to see how each step of the satin stitch comes together.

Step-by-step instructions

Now, let's walk through each step in the satin stitch together.

Step 1: Bring the needle up from the back of the fabric on the edge of the image you want to fill in. 

Image of stitching the satin stitch

Step 2: Now, insert your needle down into the opposite side of the shape you are filling in. You will want to go directly across from where you came up on the other side.

Image of stitching the satin stitch

Step 3: Bring the needle back up on the edge you first came up on, about one to three fabric threads away from the first stitch. Then, insert the needle directly across again. It's important to come up on the same side each time to keep your stitches from being pulled out. 

Image of stitching the satin stitch
Image of stitching the satin stitch

Step 4: Continue this process of coming up on one side and going down on the other until your shape is filled in. The goal is for the stitches to lay right next to each other. Follow the outline of the shape as a guide.

Image of stitching the satin stitch
Image of stitching the satin stitch
Image of stitching the satin stitch

Save it for later

Want to remember how to do the satin stitch? Pin the image below to Pinterest as a quick reference for later!

Satin stitch diagram for Pinterest

Give it a try, you can do it!

Now it's your turn to grab a needle, some embroidery floss, and give it a go! Practice the satin stitch, along with other basic embroidery stitches, in the Stitching Raccoon Sampler. Get the embroidery pattern for FREE by signing up below!

Image of finished Stitching Raccoon Sampler

Watch the LIVE stitch along of the Raccoon Sampler with Alyssa and the Penguin & Fish family here!


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