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Stitching through the alphabet

Welcome to the ABC Stitch Along Review page! As we work on stitching through the classic Penguin & Fish ABC Animals Collection, we'll be updating this page with our finished blocks. We will also include links to the YouTube playlist from that block and any other resources mentioned, such as special techniques used. Feel free to click on any of the finished pattern images below to purchase that pattern.

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ABC Animals embroidery patterns - iron on

Aa - Alligator

We kicked off the ABC Stitch Along with the Alligator pattern. This pattern was stitched the week of January 31 - February 4, 2022. We stuck to the colors and stitches suggested for the original pattern and filled in the letters 'Aa' with satin stitch. This pattern actually features two A animals, the alligator and the albatross birds. Watch the Live stitch along replay below!

Aa Alligator embroidery pattern - ABC Stitch Along

Aa Alligator embroidery stitch along, Livestream replay

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Bb - Butterfly

The Butterfly pattern was stitched the week of January 7-11, 2022. For this pattern we tried a fun new technique called Color Tinting, or fabric coloring. Using colored pencils, we shaded the butterfly and letters prior to stitching to add a new dimension of color. Click here to read more about color tinting. Watch the Live stitch along replay below!

B Butterfly embroidery pattern

B Butterfly Livestream Replay Playlist - YouTube

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Cc - Cat

This fun Cat pattern was stitched the week of February 28 - March 3, 2022. We chose our own fun colors and made the cat grey with orange stripes. Then, I filled the 'Cc' letters in with satin stitch. The "Marew" word in this pattern can be replaed with whatever sound your cat makes! This is the kind of meow my parent's cat made while I was designing this pattern. Watch the Live stitch along replay below!

Cc Cat embroidery pattern - ABC stitch along

Cc Cat ABC Stitch Along video replay playlist

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Dd - Dog

We stitched the Dog pattern the week of March 7-10, 2022. Although we stuck with the original colors for this pattern, we mixed up a couple of the detail pieces on the dog's collar. First, we stitched the collar in a crosswise satin stitch to make it look like a woven collar. Then, we pulled out the Nishikiito metallic embroidery floss for the decorative French knots on the collar, and it turned out so fun! It looks like real bling. Watch the Live stitch along replay below!

Dd - Dog finished embroidery

Dd Dog embroidery livestream stitch along playlist

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Ee - Elephant

We stitched up the Elephant pattern the week of April 4-8, 2022 and added some fun touches to this one! Someone suggested we do turkey work for the tail, and this stitched turned out perfect as an elephant tail. We also switched the flower that the elephant is holding to a sunflower. We were able to quilt this block in the same week as well. I love how the little flowers turned out. Catch up on the elephant stitching by watching the Live stitch along below!

Finished Ee - Elephant embroidery

Elephant embroidery holding a small sunflower

elephant embroidery turkey work tail

E Elephant YouTube Playlist

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Ff - Fox

The Fox embroidery pattern was stitched the week of April 11-14, 2022. For this pattern, we tried to stick with the colors and stitches on the original pattern, but did mix it up by using French knots for the letters. This fox pattern uses the chain stitch as an embroidery fill stitch for the end of the tail and on the head. In the stitch along, we did both the forward and reverse chain stitch method. Catch up on the fox stitching by watching the Live stitch along below!

Finished Fox embroidery pattern - ABC Stitch Along

Fox pattern - chain stitches

Ff - Fox French knot filled letters

F - Fox Live Stitch Along videos playlist on youtube

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Gg - Giraffe

The Giraffe embroidery pattern was stitched during the week of May 2-6, 2022. We tried some fun types of stitches with this pattern, including different ways of satin stitch, turkey work, and a whipped backstitch for the letters. If you look closely at the giraffe's spots, you'll see that the satin stitch is done in multiple direction. This gives a fun texture to the giraffe. We also used turkey work for the tail again. Catch this quick preview of how I did it over on TikTok. Watch the full giraffe stitch along Live replay below!

G-Giraffe embroidery pattern

turkey work - hand embroidery

Finished giraffe embroidery pattern

whipped back stitch of letters Gg - hand embroidery stitches

G- Giraffe YouTube playlist

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Hh - Hedgehog

The Hedgehog embroidery pattern was stitched the week of May 9-13, 2022. We stitched this hedgehog with a lighter brown than the original pattern shows. We also gave the hedgehog green eyes and a sweet pink nose! The letters are filled in with the chain stitch, and we quilted "chain stitch" style loops around the hedgehog to make it look like a little sweater stitch. Catch up on the Hedgehog stitch along below!

Hh Hedgehog - finished embroidery pattern

Chain stitch H letters - Hedgehog embroidery

Hedgehog embroidery pattern

Hedgehog embroidery stitch along YouTube playlist

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ABC Animals - embroidery patterns


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