What are the DMC equivalents to the Pocket Skein colors?

Are you wanting to stitch a pattern you have with Penguin & Fish floss colors? Or maybe you want to stitch a Penguin & Fish pattern with DMC colors? This blog will help you figure out the equivalent colors between Penguin & Fish Pocket Skins and DMC brand embroidery floss, as well as answer a few Frequently Asked Questions about Pocket Skeins.

Is the Penguin & Fish floss DMC brand?

The Penguin & Fish Pocket Skeins are not the DMC brand of embroidery floss, however, the floss is very comparable. Pocket Skeins are a 100% 6-strand Egyptian cotton. They are also non-bleed, so no worries about a color bleeding when you wash your piece. Use these fun colors like you do any of your DMC favorites!

All 23 Pocket Skein floss colors laid out

Why are they called Pocket Skeins?

These skeins are about half the size of a standard skein, measuring 4 meters (4.4 yards) long, which is the perfect amount of floss for a fun, quick embroidery project. These Pocket Skeins are also the same ones you’ll find in Penguin & Fish embroidery kits.

DMC and Pocket Skein comparison

What are the DMC Equivalents of Pocket Skein colors?

If you’re looking to use Pocket Skeins instead of a DMC floss, or perhaps you have an older Penguin & Fish pattern that only has DMC colors listed, below is a list of all the Pocket Skein to DMC color equivalents. 

Penguin & Fish Pocket Skein and DMC color equivalents

Penguin & Fish Pocket Skeins


Fresh Basil


Lime Peel








Tiger Lily


You’re a Peach


California Poppy


Northern Cardinal


Garden Rose




Lilac Season


Wood Violet


Scuba Dive


Denim Wash


Winter Morning




Teddy Bear












Where did the Pocket Skeins' color names come from?

We created them! We had fun choosing names that would make the color known right away while also representing the quirkiness of Penguin & Fish and our fun embroidery kits.

hand holding a bunch of embroidery floss

Buy Penguin & Fish Pocket Skeins!

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Pocket Skeins full collection

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single color pocket skein embroidery floss packs scattered on a table
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