25 Unique Ways to Use Embroidery

So you have a finished embroidery project...

Woo-hoo! You finished an embroidery project. Or maybe you decided to start a project, despite the fears and hurdles in your way - way to go! Whether it's finished or unfinished, you may find yourself thinking, 'What am I going to do with this project?'. 

For me, embroidery is often about the stitching journey more than the end result. I really enjoy the zen that comes with every stitch and the woosh of the floss passing through the fabric. Because of this, I often have to find creative ways to use my finished embroidery pieces... you can only put so many on the wall.

Sloth embroidery pattern in 4-inch hoop

If I had to guess, I'd say I'm probably not alone in feeling this way about embroidery, so I’ve compiled a list of unique ways to use embroidery projects. Some of these I’ve done before, and others I'm looking forward to trying. Whether you have a pile of finished embroideries lying around or are looking for some inspiration on what else to embroider onto, you're sure to find something in this list.

Feel free to drop a comment below on your favorite way to use embroidery - we love to try new things!

25 fun and unique ways to use embroidery

  1. Turn your finished embroidery into a zipper pouch and use it for gifting! 
    Set of zipper pouches, one with embroidered Autumn leaves
    Zipper pouch with crafting gift ideas spilling out
  2. Finish your embroidery in the hoop and hang it on the wall.
  3. Stitch onto pillowcases.
  4. Enlarge a pattern and stitch it with yarn.
  5. Stitch embroidery designs onto dish towels for the kitchen.
    Herb Bouquet embroidery pattern stitched onto a tea towel, hanging from an apron
  6. Give an unique gift by stitching onto an apron.
  7. Customize cloth napkins with a fun embroidery design.
  8. Stitch initials or a design onto a handkerchief.
  9. Sew your embroidery into a tote bagor stitch right onto a cotton or canvas tote bag you already have.
    DIY trick or treat tote bag - hand embroidery project
  10. Frame your embroidery in a picture frame.
  11. Make a lavender sachet or other type of potpourri bag.
  12. Create a necklace from your favorite mini embroidery design.
  13. Embroider a small design and sew it onto a greeting card.
    Greeting card with sun embroidery sewn to the front.
  14. Create a patch for your jean jacket or backpack.
  15. Combine embroidery stitches with felt and create coasters.
  16. Turn your embroidery, or multiple embroideries, into a table runner.
  17. Make a quilt.
    ABC Animal Quilt
  18. Stitch a design onto a pencil case, or turn a finished embroidery into a pencil case.
  19. Create a lovely coffee mug cozy.
  20. Mount an embroidery onto a pre-stretch canvas.
  21. Stitch a series of embroidery patterns for a cloth baby book.
    Cc Cat embroidery pattern
  22. Embroider directly onto felt and create a pin.
  23. Make your embroidery into a pillow.
  24. Decorate an embroidery hoop and use it as a frame.
  25. Stitch a small embroidery design and use as a Christmas ornament


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Shay Davidson

I’m just beginning…like yesterday! As a child, I learned a bit of embroidery but that was 60 years ago! I’ve forgotten everything I learned from my grandmother back then, so I’m starting over. I wondered what I’d do with the pieces once I finish them, so thank you for the ideas. Looking forward to this new journey.

david luis

I’ve read your blog. Honestly I’ve never read this type of blog before. Appreciate your work and will love to read your incoming articles too.

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Sue Lambert

Great ideas, some I haven’t thought of using! Thank you!


Great by all means and a very informative blog. I’ve learned something new today, keep up the good work!

Animal Embroidery Designs

Donnetta Chastain



You have such great ideas. Thank you for the ideas. I love that you share free ideas

Karla Berg Walker

Love your patterns. I am always stitching one! I like that you make them available as PDF files. I like to enlarge them and stitch on Moda grunge—in different colors. Thank you for sharing your creativity, Alyssa!!

Sharon Janson

Such great ideas. I’ll have to try a few as gifts. Thank you for the ideas. I love the quilt idea.

Sharon Janson

Such great ideas. I’ll have to try a few as gifts. Thank you for the ideas. I love the quilt idea.

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