Straight stitch - embroidery how-to, quick video, and step by step guide

What is the straight stitch and how is it used?

The straight stitch is a single straight line embroidery stitch. Though simple on its own, the straight stitch can be used as a building block for many other basic embroidery stitches including the seed stitch, running stitch, and backstitch. In the Stitching Raccoon Sampler, the straight stitch is used for the Raccoon's needle.Straight stitch in the Stitching Raccoon Sampler

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Straight stitch diagram

Below is what a typical diagram for the straight stitch may look like in an embroidery pattern or on other how-to pages. 

Straight stitch diagram for Pinterest

See the straight stitch in action

Follow along with this quick video to see how each step of the straight stitch comes together.

Step by step instructions

Now, let's walk through each step in the straight stitch together.

Step 1: To begin, bring your needle up at the starting point.

Image of stitching the straight stitch

Step 2: Then, going back down through the fabric, make the stitch your desired length. And that's it!

Image of stitching the straight stitchImage of stitching the straight stitch

Save it for later

Want to remember how to do the straight stitch? Pin the image below to Pinterest as a quick reference for later!

Straight stitch diagram for Pinterest

Give it a try, you can do it!

Now it's your turn to grab a needle, some embroidery floss, and give it a go! Practice the straight stitch, along with other basic embroidery stitches, in the Stitching Raccoon Sampler. Get the embroidery pattern for FREE by signing up below!

Image of finished Stitching Raccoon Sampler

Watch the LIVE stitch along of the Raccoon Sampler with Alyssa and the Penguin & Fish family here!



I think all the programs and items are wonderful for first timers or been a long time since doing embroidery, or crocheting.

Carolyn Guggenheim

How do I print the pattern out.

Marion Hume

I bought the kit and can hardly wait for both it and the June subscription. Btw, Alyssa, I am so glad you decided to do the monthly embroidery kits as a subscription box as I think most of us get them every month anyway, so it makes sense. Love your work. Please keep yourself, John and Jenna safe and healthy. Hopefully, I will get my kit in time to stitch it with you and the rest of us fans.

Hugs to all from Ottawa,

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