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Now you can make your own perfect pom pom with little work and loads of fun. These pom pom makers from Clover are easy to use and will create the same size pom pom each time. Use your pom poms for hats or scarves, zipper pulls, home decor, and more. 

I love making pom poms out of my scrap embroidery floss and yarn. They also make the perfect finishing touch when gift wrapping presents.

Two sizes included:

extra-small: 1-3/8 in (35 mm)

small: 1-5/8 in (45 mm)

Product Details

  • Includes two small-sized pom pom makers.
  • Make fun, perfect pom poms for your next craft project.
  • Easy to use!
  • See it in action on our Tik Tok page HERE.

How to use:

  1. Open the arches on either side of the pom pom maker. There should be two arches together. Wind your floss, yarn, or another textile around these two arches. You do not have to use a continuous piece of floss or yarn. Once it’s full (I like to make it about even across the bottom of the arch), close that side and then do the same thing on the other side. 
  2. Using sharp scissors, cut along the groove between the two arches on both sides. (NOTE: DO NOT open the pom pom maker yet!)
  3. Grab a piece of floss or yarn (about 12” long) and tie it around the maker to hold everything in place. You’ll have to shimmy the yarn between the two arches and pull tight so everything stays together. Tie in a double knot to secure. 
  4. Pop the pom pom maker apart (pull the two sides apart) and shake out your perfect pom pom! You can use a thin bristle brush to brush out the embroidery floss to separate the strands. Grab your scissors and give it a trim. You’re done!


  • Do you have to use a certain size yarn with these?

Nope. I’ve made pom poms from embroidery floss, standard yarn, thick wool yarn, and even fabric scraps!

  • How many pom poms can be made at a time?

Each maker will make one pom pom at a time. They go quick, though, so making multiple pom poms is easy.

  • What can I do with all of my pom poms?

The options are endless! Make a bunch of different sized pom poms and add them to a wreath; Or, attach the pom poms together to make a garland. They can be attached to birthday or Christmas presents, hooked to a key ring, sewn to the top of your homemade hat, tied on as a zipper pull, and so much more.

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Easy to use

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