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This Micron Pen by Sakura Pigma is perfect for adding the finishing touches to your project label. With its archival ink, you can be confident that this pen won’t deteriorate your fabric over time. It is also a permanent ink that will not bleed through your fabric. I like to use this pen to write out my quilt labels and this size 01 (.25mm) Micron Pen has the perfect fine tip for precision writing.

Product Details

  • Archival ink - will not deteriorate fabric or fade with time
  • Size 01 fine tip allows for precision writing
  • Does not bleed or feather when writing
  • Ink color: black
  • Glides easily across the fabric

Uses for this product

  • Writing out a personal message on a quilt label
  • Signing an embroidery project
  • Sketching, drawing, or journaling


  • Will the ink fade from my quilt label over time? 

With its archival quality ink, the writing from this pen should be permanent, no-fade, no-bleed, and should not spread.

  • What kind of fabric can I use this on?

This pen works well on tightly woven cotton fabric, like quilters cotton.

  • Can I use this pen on paper, too?

Yes, these pens were actually made to be used on paper, but because of their quality ink, they have been used by quilters to write out quilt labels as well! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nora A.

I never worked it before it’s easy

Carolyn F.

Smooth writing. Love it.

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