6.5-inch colorful straight hemostat

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These straight hemostats are a fabulous addition to your crafting tools. The locking mechanism makes them great for turning fabric right-side out, especially small tubes, and their pointed end works great for poking out corners in a bag or other sewing project.

These hemostats are available in 7 unique Penguin & Fish colors, inspired by our Pocket Skeins embroidery floss:

* Pink petal * Red northern cardinal * Orange goldenrod * Yellow bumble bee * Green fresh basil * Blue denim wash * Purple lilac season

Product Details

  • Hemostats measure 6.5-inches in length
  • Straight, locking forceps
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Comes in a plastic protective sleeve
  • Handle colors are matte


  • Do the hemostats lock?

Yes! These thermostats have three different locking points and will keep their hold until you release them.

  • Are these hemostats durable? 

The Penguin & Fish colorful hemostats are medical-quality and are made to be sturdy. They have a good weight to them so that they feel substantial, without being too heavy. The color on the handles may fade with long-term use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Carolyn F.

Very helpful in doing sewing tasks like pulling and pushing needle through thick material.

Nora A.

I helped me with these borders

Grace G.

I live the hemostat for trapping items out of reach.✂️

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