Boston puppy embroidery pattern - PDF

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This little Boston pup is sitting contently in a field of flowers. It's just waiting to be stitched onto something darling. This simple design will help you learn and practice, the basics of embroidery. With easy-to-read instructions, you’ll learn how to transfer a pattern, put your fabric in a hoop, easily thread a needle, and complete basic embroidery stitches. This pattern uses these basic embroidery stitches: backstitch, chain stitch, lazy daisy, French knot stitch, seed stitch, and satin stitch.

Finished pattern size: 5” x 6.75” (approx. 13cm x 17cm)

Skill level:

Beginner (ages 13+). Crafty kids under 13 may also be able to do this project, with adult supervision.

To view the file you will need to have Adobe Reader. You can download a free version of Adobe Reader here:

The 6-page PDF pattern includes:

  • An image of the finished embroidered pattern
  • A stitch and color guide
  • Simple embroidery instructions
  • An easy to trace black and white pattern
  • A black and white pattern in reverse for an iron-on transfer pencil.

Transferring the embroidery pattern:

There are two copies of the pattern so that you can choose which transfer method works best for you. Here’s a brief description of each option:

  • The black and white pattern makes it easy to transfer the image onto your fabric by tracing or printing on an embroidery stabilizer. Our favorite way to transfer this version of the pattern is to print on Sulky Stick’n Stitch . You can also trace the pattern onto your fabric with a Water Soluble Marker or a regular pencil.
  • The reverse black and white pattern works best with an iron-on transfer pencil. This is a special pencil that, when used to trace the pattern, will iron on to fabric. It’s best to use this pencil with transfer paper, or even tissue paper, but it can be used with regular paper as well. Most iron-on transfer pencil lines are permanent.


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