Tutorials for your embroidery kit including stitch alongs and helpful tips

Tutorials For Your Embroidery Kit

Do you have questions about the embroidery stitches in your new Penguin & Fish kit? You've come to the right place. Click below, find your kit, and walk through each stitch with the tutorials provided!

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hand stitching an embroidery caramel apple pattern



Craft Night with Friends Livestream!

Craft Night with Friends is a Livestream that provides crafters from all around the world an opportunity to relax and craft together. Follow along as Alyssa in her project of the week or do your own thing. (Heck, some people come to hang out while they fold laundry.) Meet and chat with new crafty friends or just hang out to listen and learn.

These livestreams are a great opportunity to ask questions! Can't figure out that embroidery stitch? Need help making a half square triangle? Pop a question in the chat box during the Live and Alyssa will do her best to answer your question in real time. And if she doesn't see it, chances are a crafty friend will respond. Click here learn more!

Craft Night with Friends Livestream Info - Learn More

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