Water Erasable Marker - thick


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Water Erasable Marker - thick


The Water Erasable Marker (thick) by Clover works great for tracing embroidery patterns onto fabric. The marker is a blue color that is easy to see and comes off with just a few dabs of water. It can be used for embroidery projects, quilting projects, or on anything else you need a temporary line for.

When you're finished with your project, simply get the blue markings wet with plain water on a cloth and watch the lines disappear!

This is the perfect pen to transfer all your Penguin & Fish printable PDF embroidery patterns!

Product Details

  • Line erases with a simple dab of water
  • The pointed tip allows ease in transferring smaller details
  • Ink color: Blue
  • Glides easily across the fabric
  • Be sure to remove all lines before laundering the finished product

Uses for this product

  • Transfer a PDF pattern to fabric for embroidery stitching
  • Add your own touch on a pattern - add your name, a cute face, or an extra flower! 
  • Fill in an iron-on pattern that has faded
  • Draw a stitch line on a quilt


  • How do you remove the ink from the finished project?

Simply take a damp towel and dab at the parts of your project with the pen on them. The blue pen will disappear and leave no trace of its blue color. Be sure to remove all pen markings before laundering your finished project. 

  • Will the ink fade after being on the fabric for a while?

The ink should not fade over time. However, the ink will fade if exposed for long periods of time in direct sunlight or in high humidity. Even in these conditions, there should only be a small amount of fading.

  • What kind of fabric can I use this on?

We’ve found that this marker works best on a tightly woven cotton fabric. Quilter's cotton or our cotton tea towels are great options.