Water Erasable Marker - fine


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Water Erasable Marker - fine


The Water Erasable Marker (Fine) by Clover is perfect for tracing embroidery patterns to fabric, especially when you want to include the fine details. This water-erasable marker is a blue color that is easy to see and comes off with a few dabs of water. Use it to put your own touch on a pattern - add your name, a cute face, or an extra flower! 

The pen features a fine tip that glides across the fabric, leaving a thin blue line that is easily seen, and easily removed. It can be used in embroidery projects, quilting projects, or anywhere else you need a temporary line on fabric. When you're done with your project, simply get the lines wet with plain water on a cloth and watch the blue lines disappear!

This is the perfect pen to transfer all your Penguin & Fish printable PDF embroidery patterns!