PRE-ORDER - Sewing stiletto craft kit

PRE-ORDER - Sewing stiletto craft kit

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Sewing stiletto craft kits

Make your own fun sewing stiletto with this kit! A sewing stiletto is a long slender tool with a tapered point. It is used to hold small pieces of fabric accurately in place. A stiletto is especially helpful in quilting when nesting seams. It allows for a tight hold on the fabric while feeding it through the machine. 

Craft kit includes:

3 beads (1 flat natural turquoise, 2 stone color agates)
2 spacers
2 endcaps
1 - 4" turkey lacer
1 - 3ml super-glue tube

* Kits will ship at the end of March. 

* We will fulfill orders in the order in which they were placed.

COMING SOON: Information on kit assembly, including a video tutorial!