Set of 2 embroidery needles

Set of 2 embroidery needles
Set of 2 embroidery needles

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Are you ready to start your project, but missing something essential? We’ve got you covered! This pack of two embroidery needles will get you stitching in no time. These needles are a size 5 embroidery needle and have been praised for their large eye, which can make for easier threading. This listing comes with two needles.


  • Are embroidery needles and cross-stitch needles the same thing?

Embroidery and cross-stitch needles are actually not the same. An embroidery needle has a sharper tip, used to pierce the fabric, whereas a cross-stitch needle has a blunt tip, not meant to pierce the fabric, but to guide the needle through Aida cross-stitch fabric. This listing is for embroidery needles. 

  • Do these needles bend easily?

These needles are sturdy and shouldn’t easily bend with normal embroidery work. 

  • How many strands of floss can I fit through the eye of these needles?

A full 6-strands of floss should fit just fine through the eye of this needle!