DMC #973 giant floss cone - YELLOW - 2100 meters

DMC #973 giant floss cone - YELLOW - 2100 meters
DMC #973 giant floss cone - YELLOW - 2100 meters

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This is one GIANT cone of embroidery floss. As a quick comparison, a normal skein of DMC floss is 8 meters (about 26 feet). This cone of floss is 2100 meters (almost 6,900 feet) - that’s like having over 260 regular-sized skeins of floss! We have a few extras of these cones that I thought would be fun to make available for you - especially as the holidays approach! 

If you like embroidering “red work” or “blue work”, imagine doing something similar but with your FAVORITE color. How fun! I’ve used my cones of floss to make cute tassels, I’ve crocheted doilies from it, and even used it to decorate holiday gifts.

Product Details

  • This listing is for a cone of DMC embroidery floss in a Yellow color (DMC #973)
  • 2100 meters of floss (approx. 2,300 yards)
  • Materials: 100% cotton
  • 6-strand embroidery floss (also called stranded embroidery floss)
  • Colorfast

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