Cotton embroidery fabric - unbleached


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Cotton embroidery fabric - unbleached


Are you ready to start your project, but missing something essential? We’ve got you covered! This unbleached cotton fabric is our favorite for stitching Penguin & Fish embroidery patterns onto. The weave is not too loose, but also not too tight, making stitching easier for beginners. Plus, the 10” size fits perfectly in our 8” embroidery hoops. This listing comes with one approximate 10” square of cotton fabric (this fabric is not a perfect square and will measure slightly larger than 10”).


  • What does “unbleached” mean?

Unbleached fabric means that it hasn’t been bleached to get that stark white color. This fabric is more of a cream color and has natural flecks in it. 

  • Is this fabric pre-washed?

This fabric is not prewashed

  • Can I sew with this fabric?

Yes! We’ve seen our patterns on bags, pillows, and even sewn into quilts. However, since this piece of fabric is not a perfect square, and measures slightly larger than 10 inches, it will need to be trimmed to get the exact size needed for a sewing project.