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Jet black face mask - filter included


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Jet black face mask - filter included


This adjustable face mask is a comfortable way to keep your face covered and comes in a variety of solid colors for a more neutral look. With its tall opening (opens to 8-inches), this mask is a great option for men with beards, or anyone who needs just a bit more space. The adjustable tie strings allow this mask to work just fine for smaller adult faces as well. Masks are made from high-quality, organic cotton fabric and come with a filter pocket and one Filti Nanofiber technology mask filter (95% efficient at 0.3 microns - more info at Additional Filti filters are available HERE. These masks were handmade by Alyssa's brother, Jared Scholz.

Available Colors (click the color to be taken to that listing):
Jet BlackHunter GreenDark Walnut BrownTurquoise BlueMagenta Rose Pink

Product Size:

  • 9" x 4" closed (pleated)
  • 9" x 8" opened (expanded around the face)
  • Approximately 15" fabric tie straps

Product Notes

  • This is an adult-sized facemask
  • Organic, high-quality, cotton fabric
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Reinforced stitching on the tie strings
  • Great for larger faces
  • N95 mask fits comfortably underneath
  • Mask does not have a nose wire
  • Includes filter pocket and one Filti mask filter (Note: filter is not machine washable)
  • Purchase additional Filti filters available HERE.

How to wear:

Center on your face, pleat side down, and then tie in the back. Make sure the mask is snug. When not in use, the mask can hang comfortably around your neck from the tie strings.


A cloth mask will only reduce your chances of contracting COVID-19. The CDC recommends all people wear some sort of face-covering in public to reduce the possibility of contracting or spreading COVID-19, whether you are showing symptoms or not.