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Commemorative Koala Mug - 11 oz

Commemorative Koala Mug - 11 oz
Commemorative Koala Mug - 11 oz
Commemorative Koala Mug - 11 oz
Commemorative Koala Mug - 11 oz
Commemorative Koala Mug - 11 oz


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This commemorative koala mug is a great way to hold the memory of the Koala Quilt close at hand. It features stitched koala’s on one side, and the wording from the quilt label on the other. Proceeds from this mug will be added to the donation from the Koala Quilt Auction to help Koalas and other animals affected by the Australian wildfires. This 11oz ceramic mug is a great way to support the cause and remember how the community came together to support wildlife in Australia through crafting.

The Australian wildfires of January 2020 burned over 45 million acres, devastating the Koala population and habitat. To help, the Penguin & Fish online community stepped up with their donations, especially through Koala pattern sales. They mailed us over 100 Koala embroideries and we sewed all of them into the Koala Quilt. The Koala Quilt will be auctioned off from November 16-23. But bidding is not the only way to give back - check out all of the Koala fundraising products, and info on the auction, HERE

NOTE: This mug ships from a different location so will have separate shipment tracking and will arrive in a separate box from the rest of your order.

Product Details

  • 11oz ceramic coffee cup
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • The handle and inside of the mug is a red color


  • What are the dimensions of the mug?

This mug has a cup diameter of 3 1/4 ” (8 1/4 cm) and height of 3 3/4 ” (9 1/2  cm)

  • Is the design printed on both sides of the mug?

There are actually two designs printed on this mug, one on each side, so it is not a mirrored image. One side shows an image of stitched koalas, and the other has the wording from the quilt label.

  • Does the design fade?

This mug is dishwasher and microwaves safe and should hold its color well. However, with anything, over time and with frequent washings, it will show normal use and wear. 


About "Australians for Animals"

"Australians for Animals" has been helping Koalas for over 30 years. Through their political, scientific, and legal endeavors, they were responsible for getting Koalas listed as "Threatened" under the US Endangered Species Act. I've been talking to their director and currently, they are "adopting" smaller Koala and other in-need animal shelters that aren't receiving the millions of dollars that larger or more social media savvy shelters are getting. They are helping provide food, medical supplies, and other needs that shelter volunteers are paying for now out of their own pockets. I'm excited that we can help some of these smaller, more-in-need shelters.


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