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Koalas are in crisis from the Australian wildfires. The fires have already burned over 15 million acres and much of that is in natural Koala habitats. Immediately, Koalas are in need of water, shelter, and medical care. 

To help raise funds, all proceeds from ordering the Koala Printable PDF Pattern on Penguin & Fish will be donated to "Australians for Animals". And a portion of the proceeds from the Koala paper iron-on pattern, and Koala materials bundle will be donated as well. We'll have a Koala stitch-along, and maybe we can even make a Koala Quilt to auction!

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About "Australians for Animals"

"Australians for Animals" has been helping Koalas for over 30 years. Through their political, scientific, and legal endeavors, they were responsible for getting Koalas listed as "Threatened" under the US Endangered Species Act. I've been talking to their director and currently, they are "adopting" smaller Koala and other in-need animal shelters that aren't receiving the millions of dollars that larger or more social media savvy shelters are getting. They are helping provide food, medical supplies, and other needs that shelter volunteers are paying for now out of their own pockets. I'm excited that we can help some of these smaller, more-in-need shelters.


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