No Monster Here! children's book


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No Monster Here! children's book


"Playing hide and seek is exciting when you're looking for a monster!"

"No Monster Here" takes readers into the imaginative world of brothers, Jacob and Joey, as they search for a monster. The debut work of writer/educator, Colleen Thomas, and illustrator, Alyssa Thomas (Penguin & Fish) explores creative discovery through child’s play. An entertaining adventure for children, parents and teachers.

"No Monster Here" was printed and bound using a local professional printer and bindery, both known for their high quality products. See some of the process here:

"No Monster Here" is of the quality or better then what you'd find in a bookstore. It's hard, laminated cover and heavy pages will hold up to years of wear and tear.

32 page 9.5×10.75 inches
full-color picture book