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Printable PDFs

What is a Printable?

Printables are digital products that are delivered to you as a PDF file. You will receive the PDF as a link sent to you in an email that, when clicked, will download the PDF file to your desktop or downloads folder. After opening the PDF file, you then can print the file from your home computer and printer. Many of our products come in both a printed version that we ship to you (ex. our embroidery patterns that contain iron-on transfers) and also as a Printable. Choosing the Printable version is a great option if you want to get started on your project right away, and also if you prefer viewing patterns on your computer or mobile device. Check out our Printables here.


How will I receive my Printable?

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive your Printable PDF file as link in an email that, when clicked, will download the PDF file to your desktop or downloads folder. After opening the PDF file, you then can print the file from your home computer. You will be able to download the PDF file 3 times within a 7 day period before the link will expire. Once the file is downloaded, it will remain on your computer or device unless it's deleted by you. If you have any trouble downloading or opening the PDF file please contact us at info[at] To view and print the PDF file you will need Adobe Reader or any other PDF or picture reader. If you don't have Adobe reader you can download a free version by clicking this link:


Printable Download troubleshooting

Below are some solutions if you're having difficulty downloading or opening your Printable PDF file. If your issue is not resolved with one of these solutions, please contact us at


I can't find my Printable PDF file: If you've clicked the link to download your Printable PDF and cannot find it on your desktop or downloads folder, the PDF file may have downloaded to a different folder that has been set as your default downloads folder. Try doing a search for the file itself on your computer to find the PDF file and enclosing folder.


My Printable PDF file won't open or gives me an error when I try to open it: Some Printable PDF files may be large and will therefore take a few moments to download. Please wait until the PDF is fully downloaded before you try to open it. If the file is in the process of downloading, the file size will say that it's zero Kilobytes. This number will change when the download process is complete.


I still can't open my Printable PDF file: If your Printable PDF file has downloaded but you are still unable to open it, you may need to upgrade to the current version of Adobe Reader. You can download the current version for free at this link: If you are still having trouble, email us at


Printing my Printable

Each page of the Printable PDF file is formatted to fit a 8 1/2" x 11" (letter size) sheet of paper. If you are planning on using the tracing technique to transfer an embroidery pattern to your fabric (see Embroidery Tips in the How To section) print the design on standard copy paper (not cover stock) to make the tracing process easier. If you do not have a printer and want to print out your Printable, you can transfer the file onto a CD or jump drive and print it out at your local printer.