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Tatting a Snowflake For Beginners Tutorial - Replay video

Tatting a Snowflake for Beginners tutorial video

Stitching Raccoon embroidery sampler

FREE PDF Embroidery pattern

Download the FREE PDF pattern of the "Stitching Raccoon" embroidery stitch sampler. Learn 14 basic embroidery stitches and start stitching today. If you can color, you can embroider! Sign up below for the FREE PDF pattern. (Kits available here.)

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Big Rotary Cutter - click here to check it out on Amazon 


Embroidery of the Month - Chickens

Chickens embroidery kit

ABC Stitch Along

ABC Stitch Along - 26 alphabet patterns

Peony Collection


Peony embroidery pattern


The Ultimate Guide to Starting Embroidery

The Ultimate Guide to Starting Embroidery Blog

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